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Awesome Trance

2009-10-29 00:03:03 by DjDub-E

Hey guys,

I just started working on an awesome trance song. It really kicks some ass right now, so be on the lookout.


New Song Out

2009-09-30 21:42:57 by DjDub-E

Check it, Eurosymphony. Pretty cool, still very basic. I wish I had more time to write these things.

Latest Song, Not so great?

2009-09-27 23:32:12 by DjDub-E

Guess my next song is going to have to be Eurodance or something. People just aren't fans of slow trance.

Songs up!!!

2009-09-20 02:11:06 by DjDub-E

My songs are now posted including my newest one, check them all out!!!

Even newer

2009-09-19 01:30:05 by DjDub-E

Beware.... A new dance song approaches.

New Songs

2009-09-17 15:31:45 by DjDub-E

Hey everyone, I just recently made two audio portal contributions:

1. DjDub-E : Excess
2. DjDub-E : Afterlight

I'm just waiting for a moderator to approve my songs, so check them out when he/she does!